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Marketing collateral

A typewriterYou’ve decided what your message is – and now you need to work out how to get that message across. Or do you need some independent, impartial advice on just what the message should be and how to focus it?

You might need to create or update product fact sheets, service offering descriptions, case studies, customer mailings, white papers or many others.

I have successfully produced all of these: writing the copy and working with trusted design agencies to create real impact whilst keeping within company style guidelines.

I will focus on understanding your business environment and objectives, your target audience and the customer benefit you need to communicate. Then, using plain English and jettisoning the jargon, I will make every word count – and help you stand out from the crowd.



Energy management for business.pdf

London Underground case study.pdf

McDonald’s case study.pdf

Smart metering for business.pdf

The high-rise challenge.pdf

“We now have promotional literature that does us justice: new product brochures and punchy new case studies, which together, tell a very compelling story about what we offer in the marketplace.”

Neil Merrall
Business Head, Metering and Energy Management for Business
Siemens Metering, Communications and Services