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Proposal ‘boilerplate’

Vintage pencil sharpenerDoes it seem that you are always having to sharpen your pencil and start afresh – when what you need, to respond to a Request for Information or an Invitation to Tender, is not at your fingertips?

You may refer to it as your bid collateral, intellectual capital or simply your ‘knowledge base’. Whatever you call it, maintaining a store of re-usable material, ready when you next need it for a customer proposal, is a challenge for most companies.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that you can just slot in a ready-made answer to a question. What it does mean is having information at hand so you don’t have to go searching for it: to answer those recurring questions to which you need to be able to give consistent, accurate replies. That may cover the ‘governance’ aspect of what you do, such as your health and safety approach or your business continuity policy – as well as approved statements of your capability or service offerings.

I have years of experience of pulling together such information. Working closely with your technical and operational staff, I can create collateral material that will reduce the demands made on their time – and avoid them being asked repeatedly to give similar information to your bid teams.

“Andrew will take contributions from any number of bid team members and create a coherent, integrated and polished proposal document; cutting through the jargon and addressing only what’s relevant. He will also create re-usable bid collateral material that prevents you from having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ on every occasion. If this is what your organisation needs, contact him!”

John Elwick
Managing Director
Conlon Petty Associates Ltd