Andrew Hyde Business Communications

Online content

An old vintage TVOnce upon a time, going ‘online’ (if the word had been invented) meant a few simple ads on a black and white TV channel, with sometimes a really unsubtle sales pitch! Too often, company web sites seem to be designed in the same way: not from their customers’ perspective at all.

Of course, you need potential customers to know who you are and what you do. But they also need to know that you understand their needs – and that you will not just pull an offering ‘off the shelf’ and try to make it force-fit.

So your web site has to be a lot more than an on-line sales pitch: it has to engage, inform and even inspire the reader. It should deliver content to support this objective: video, downloadable brochures or white papers – whatever is right for your audience. And if you want them to find out more, then your message must be clear and must call for a clear response.

I will make sure that the tone is right, the message is exactly matched to your business needs – and that every word counts. And if you’re looking for more than just copy, perhaps a complete design revamp, then look no further. Working with skilled web designers and online specialists I can offer a ‘one-stop shop’ to bring the whole project together for you. It’s time to step out of the black and white age.

“Andrew overhauled our web site and brought it right up to date, with valuable content that showcases our capabilities and our expertise. This is nothing less than a transformation from where we were before.”

Andy Lindstrom
Marketing Manager
Siemens Metering, Communications and Services